Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Disco Ball'd, Duckie, Mermaid Tail & Candy Crush

Several manicures to share.  This first one was a disco ball motif I did on Beth.  I had something else in mind when I started but it didn't work out when the polish dried too quickly and I tore the guidelines off and most of the polish with them.  I wound up using a stamp for this and covered over it with several colors.  Kinda funky.

This is a Rubber Duckie mani on Beth.  Free handed ducks, y'all!
 And today Beth wanted Candy Crush. 
 The thumbs are my favorites.

And this one is my Mermaid Tail idea that I did on myself last week.

I lost a couple nails last week so this week I'm just doing a crackle with one of my new polishes and hoping my nails grow enough over the next two weeks to do the sunset and phoenix manicures I posted a while back. I would love to find a small phoenix/firebird charm but haven't had any luck.
 I've been getting a lot of new bottles lately since Revlons are free at Walgreens this week and CVS last week.  That and the Sinful Colors sales have been pretty good so I've been able to fill my palette a little with some needed colors.  I also got a new storage system since my old one was completely, astonishingly over capacity.  I'll post photos of it soon, too.  I'm quite proud of it.

... til next time


  1. OMG the little ducks, they are soo cute it is unbelievable!

    Lorraine xx